Rice Vinegar and how its used

Asian Organics is an Australian business importing organic rice vinegar and other Asian cuisine sauces and condiments from Thailand.

Their range features a full variety of Asian style stir fry sauces, sauces for dips and authentic Asian condiments.
The rice vinegar from Asian Organics is a particularly good one and has a unique refined taste.

This vinegar is traditionally fermented to give it a smooth mellow aroma and taste. It is the quintessential rice vinegar for making a fine traditional sushi rice.

Asian Organics brand products are certified USDA and also certified organic for the EU.

The brand also carried organic spices and curry pastes and a perfect Thai Pad sauce as well.

What is Rice Vinegar

People often refer to rice vinegar as rice wine vinegar, but it is not the same thing as rice wine.

Rice wine is made from fermented glutinous rice, where the sugars are transformed into alcohol by the yeast. Rice wine can be drunk and is mainly used in a variety of Asian cuisines, especially Chinese meals. It is mainly used to add sweetness to marinades and a depth of flavor to sauces.

Rice vinegar on the other hand is not something you would drink. It has a mild, less acidic taste than other vinegars, and is a little sweeter. But it is much more acidic that rice wine. and used in different ways in Asian cuisine.

It is used to add liquid with a nuanced tanginess that won’t overpower the dish. Its perfect as a light salad dressing when just a little sweetness and acidity is called for.
A good seasoned rice vinegar flavor pairs well with many meals.
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